"vague d'excitation" en anglais

Comment dire "vague d'excitation" en anglais, la traduction "vague d'excitation" en anglais :

Vague d'excitation

Flurry of excitement

Vague d'excitation

Wave of excitement

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10 exemples phrases

  • The rest of the town becomes a flurry of excitement upon learning celebrity television host Kathie Lee Gifford will come to South Park to present Cartman with an award on national television.
  • On the Richter Scale of feelings, excitement, but because we feel excitement, and sometimes you label,
  • You see, sometimes what we call excitement, feels excitement, has this, energetically has the same
  • Both of them shared their dreams, memories, excitement and challenges.
  • Look Look the Canadian exclaimed, his voice full of excitement.
  • Internet users have certainly registered their excitement.
  • Exercise daily and most important of all, no excitement.
  • I did it out of excitement, to remember the experience.
  • Q Initially I had some kind of excitement, I think.
  • And there was a lot of genuine excitement around it.
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