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Vague d'élan

Wave of momentum

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  • With every particle of matter with mass m and velocity v a real wave must be 'associated' , related to the momentum by the equation formula_1where formula_2 is the wavelength, formula_3 is the Planck constant, formula_4 is the momentum, formula_5 is the rest mass, formula_6 is the velocity and formula_7 is the speed of light in a vacuum.
  • But this wave started, and if I question the wave, or try to stop the wave or look back at the wave, I often have the experience of whiplash or the potential of my neck breaking. But if I go with the wave, and I trust the wave and I move with the wave, I go to the next place,
  • The second wave of feminism 1960 1990 Issues of feminism in the second wave The first wave of feminism was to change the position of women in marriage, and to end the subjection of married women the next wave of feminism fought to obtain the same rights as men.
  • A wave of criticism of a proposal which puts services of general interest at risk, particularly in the fields of health and education, as well as social and employment standards, is gathering momentum throughout Europe, as reflected by the debate on the subject.
  • And, since the carry trade and the wave of liquidity are causing a global asset bubble, some of gold s recent rise is also bubble driven, with herding behavior and momentum trading by investors pushing gold higher and higher.
  • And this type of wave, where the direction of the disturbance is the same, or along the same axis as the direction in which the wave is travelling the wave is travelling in that direction this is call a longitudinal wave.
  • the magnitude of the wave vector is given by formula_6where formula_7 is the frequency of the wave, formula_8 is the wavelength, formula_9 is the angular frequency of the wave, and v p is the phase velocity of the wave.
  • ECLAC analyses show that the wave of regionalism experienced in its member countries during the 1990s sparked intraregional trade for some time and stimulated gross domestic product growth, but now needs new momentum.
  • Eight years ago, this momentum and this energy, this V wave started and I can only describe it as a V wave because, to be honest, I really don't understand it completely I feel at the service of it.
  • Since the total angular momentum of the disc is conserved, the angular momentum loss of the mass falling into the center has to be compensated by an angular momentum gain of the mass far from the center.
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