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Comment dire "union des peuples" en anglais, la traduction "union des peuples" en anglais :

Union des peuples

Union of people

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  • The Commissioner mentioned blind people the European Blind union part of the European Disability Forum, the representative body of disabled people wants us to give priority to organisations of disabled people.
  • A key aspect of citizenship for young people is respect for others both within and outside the union and makes a not inconsiderable contribution to the people to people aspect of the union s external relations.
  • This is a time when people throughout the European union people are asking themselves the question Do we obtain the benefits which we are promised from our membership of the European union
  • Mr President, Commissioner, it is extremely important that we explain to the people of the European union and of the applicant countries what the European union stands for.
  • Of most importance to Parliament, as the guardian of the budget of the European union, is how to deal with people who work within the European union institutions.
  • Proposals to benefit ordinary people on the future external borders of the union the people of Russia, the people of Belorussia and the people of the Ukraine.
  • The Guar dian says that we may, unlike the Soviet union, have freedom of debate but we have no more freedom of information that the people of the Soviet union.
  • If the Charter is to be an expression of the common values of the people of the European union, those people must be given an opportunity to debate it.
  • A 'no' vote would have penalised the people of Cyprus twice over. Already under Turkish occupation, the people would be rejected also by the union.
  • Obviously we want to bring Europe closer to the people and foster personal discussions between the people in the union and Members of Parliament.
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