"une personne donnée" en anglais

Comment dire "une personne donnée" en anglais, la traduction "une personne donnée" en anglais :

Une personne donnée

A given person

Une personne donnée

Any given person

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  • Another question asked was whether, given the possibility of the same person having a de facto in addition to a legal marriage, that constituted a form of polygamy. In reply, the representative stated that, once a person was married, that took precedence over any other relationship and a person could only be legally married to one person.
  • The rate of elimination in the average person is commonly estimated at .015 to .020 grams per deciliter per hour g dl h , although again this can vary from person to person and in a given person from one moment to another.
  • quot Any person who, with intent to maim, disfigure or disable any person or to do some grievous harm to any person, or to resist or prevent the lawful arrest or detention of any person
  • If your injection is given by another person, or if you are giving an injection to another person, special caution must be taken by this person when removing and disposing of the needle.
  • d on the request of any person claiming that the judgment infringes his or her parental responsibility, if it was given without such person having been given an opportunity to be heard
  • if the person responsible for putting the additive into circulation does not provide, within a given period of time, the information requested by a person responsible at the Commission.
  • ris glucagon 0.5 to 1 mg given intramuscularly or subcutaneously by a person who has received appropriate instruction, or by glucose given intravenously by a medical professional.
  • Such decision shall be given only if the Office disagrees with the person requesting it otherwise the Office shall amend its finding and inform the person requesting the decision.
  • Member States shall ensure that any person intending in accordance with Article 28 4 to make reference to a given maintenance of a variety state this intention in advance.
  • Cervarix should not be given if the person to be vaccinated is allergic hypersensitive to any of the active substances or any of the other ingredients of Cervarix.
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