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Comment dire "très chère" en anglais, la traduction "très chère" en anglais :

Très chère

Highly cherished

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  • After the performance, the then head of the Bösendorfer company came backstage to meet this young artist who refused to play a piano highly cherished by his Russian namesake, Anton Rubinstein Rubinstein claims he thereafter always sought out Bösendorfers when in Austria.
  • cherished memories, cherished communities proto nationalism in Tibet , in The History of Tibet Volume 2, The Medieval Period c. AD 850 1895, the Development of Buddhist Paramountcy , 492 522, ed.
  • These three systems are coming together, allowing people to share resources without sacrificing their lifestyles, or their cherished personal freedoms.
  • The belief that boosting equality requires sacrificing economic efficiency is grounded in one of the most cherished ideas in economics incentives.
  • Thanks to them, I've witnessed the destruction of everything I loved, cherished, and venerated homeland, wife, children, father, and mother
  • Mr President, a well functioning labour market which strikes a sustainable balance between supply and demand is a widely cherished desire.
  • He divided the one thousand pounds that remained between Passepartout and the unfortunate Fix, against whom he cherished no grudge.
  • Yes everyone I ever loved, everyone I ever cherished, everyone who made my childhood memories of this place beautiful, disappeared.
  • CONSCIOUS that cultural diversity forms a common heritage of humanity and should be cherished and preserved for the benefit of all,
  • 'Tis well done, said Robin Poussepain, who cherished a grudge against Quasimodo. That will teach him to handle people roughly.
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