"toute personne non autorisée" en anglais

Comment dire "toute personne non autorisée" en anglais, la traduction "toute personne non autorisée" en anglais :

Toute personne non autorisée

Any unauthorized person

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  • Staff shall exercise the greatest discretion with regard to all facts and information coming to their knowledge in the course of or in connection with the performance of their duties they shall not in any manner whatsoever disclose to any unauthorized person any document or information not already made public.
  • Accordingly, any person who orders or carries out the processing of personal information must undertake to take all the necessary precautions to preserve the security of the data and to prevent it being distorted, damaged or communicated to unauthorized third parties.
  • The time since then has been marked by such incidents as the military forces of the Russian Federation conducting unauthorized troop movements on the ground, unauthorized naval movements through Latvia apos s ports and unauthorized air sorties in Latvian skies.
  • person shall mean any natural person, any legal person, or any other entity without legal personality constituted or organised under the laws and regulations of each Contracting Party, carrying out importation, exportation, or transit of goods
  • Among the first beneficiaries will be the recently relocated households from unauthorized settlements in Khartoum, followed by those still living in unauthorized or unplanned residential areas.
  • quot Any person who, with intent to maim, disfigure or disable any person or to do some grievous harm to any person, or to resist or prevent the lawful arrest or detention of any person
  • d the taking of any necessary samples for laboratory examinations designed to detect, for example, the presence of noxious germs, additives or any other unauthorized chemical substances.
  • The aim of the measures shall, in particular, be to prevent any unauthorized person from obtaining access to data or data media or to installations used for the processing of data.
  • Taxable person shall mean any person who independently carries out in any place any economic activity specified in paragraph 2, whatever the purpose or results of that activity.
  • Without prejudice to any disciplinary measures that may apply, any unauthorized absence which is duly established shall be deducted from the annual leave of the person concerned.
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