"toute la soirée" en anglais

Comment dire "toute la soirée" en anglais, la traduction "toute la soirée" en anglais :

Toute la soirée

The whole evening

Toute la soirée

All evening

Toute la soirée

All evening long

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10 exemples phrases

  • All those lights, like an evening gown, a black evening gown with spangles.
  • Switching back, morning, afternoon, evening, morning, afternoon, evening.
  • The problem of Lebanon concerns us all this evening we are all Lebanese
  • All evening long, I thought you coarse and loud and not a gentleman.
  • Indeed all speakers this evening have echoed this strong support.
  • The evening altogether passed off pleasantly to the whole family.
  • Haven't you noticed I've been having tie trouble all evening.
  • They were all engaged for the evening. I guessed as much.
  • Woah, and Sarah you did all this to illustrate the evening
  • Good evening, police officer. Good evening, police officer.
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