"toute la société" en anglais

Comment dire "toute la société" en anglais, la traduction "toute la société" en anglais :

Toute la société

Whole society

Toute la société

The whole society

Toute la société

Whole of society

Toute la société

All of society

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  • Obviously this must play a role, but there should be more and it should redound to the benefit of society as a whole. It should show respect not only for private interests but also for the legitimate interests of the whole of society.
  • Health and safety at work, especially where the risk is very high, is the responsibility of society and of all the sectors concerned, and the whole of society must assume its fair share of responsibility and commitment.
  • 2.6 The EU can play an important role in providing vocational training across the whole of civil society, focusing on organisations that are visibly active in Albanian society.
  • The States have to a large degree failed to comply with the directive the whole of society human society as well as, of course, the animal kingdom has not felt protected.
  • We must all support this fight, at our own level, persuaded as we are that society as a whole will enjoy the benefits of balance within society and within individuals.
  • The conclusion, just as in antiquity, the current society is built on unscrupulous tendencies for personal gain without regard to the interests of society as a whole.
  • I think, in particular, men should participate in this debate because this is an issue which concerns not only the women in our society but the whole of society.
  • Only when the needs and priorities of a society are fully reflected in policies and programmes can the well being of that society as a whole be advanced.
  • cooperation and sharing experiences and best practices on introduction of information technology to the whole society and public administration
  • 1.2 SGIs, SGEIs and SNEGIs all help to ensure the wellbeing of society as a whole and the effectiveness of citizens' fundamental rights.
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