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Toute la nation

The whole nation

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  • A country which repeat edly plunges a whole nation into despair, despite all the efforts of that nation and knowing that that nation is prepared to accept a peaceful solution, is laying a path for misguided people to walk along into the blind alley of international terrorism.
  • He earned this mention because he was the first person who took Karate to the Dominican Republic and spread it throughout the whole nation, having the Kenpo Karatedo Association, in which he directed, more than 6,500 students throughout the whole nation.
  • Our nation remains closely knit together by kinship as a homogeneous people, a unique entity in the world, and the whole nation, whether in the north, in the south, or abroad, is united by the common desire for national reunification.
  • In both cases, we are witnessing the unleashing of an empire, which is using every possible excuse to inflict on a nation and, there is no doubt, via this nation, on the whole world a display of its military capability.
  • New multinational construction projects are presented and justified as acts of nation building while the low income majority is expected by the emerging elite to make sacrifices for the benefit of the nation as a whole.
  • This is an extremely serious matter Mr President, and should bring about the resignation of this person who, whilst representing the whole nation, has insulted its elected representatives.
  • This has led to a rare outbreak of political violence, which has ravaged the whole of the national territory, unleashed serious disruptions in the nation and displaced populations.
  • GundayHumiliatedHistoryOfBangladesh your whole nation should be ashamed of you ignorant tyrant.you know nothing about history worldfriend4u worldfriend4u February 20, 2014
  • On Tuesday morning, our revered Cricketing friends from Sri Lanka were attacked in Lahore, leaving the whole nation embarrassed, shocked and with our heads shaken in disbelief.
  • b Promoting intensified assistance to the Palestinian people by the United nations system as a whole, as well as other donors, for immediate relief and for nation building
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