"toute l'humanité" en anglais

Comment dire "toute l'humanité" en anglais, la traduction "toute l'humanité" en anglais :

Toute l'humanité

All mankind

Toute l'humanité

All of humanity

Toute l'humanité

Whole mankind

Toute l'humanité

All humanity

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  • Egypt's commitment to preventing an arms race in outer space stems from its belief that outer space belongs to all mankind and should therefore only be used for peaceful purposes in the interests of all humanity.
  • But humanity should be aware that the perpetrators of this crime, committed against not only Azerbaijanis but all of mankind, are the suffering and miserable Armenians.
  • Reaffirming that civilizational achievements constitute the collective heritage of mankind, providing a source of inspiration and progress for humanity at large,
  • The continuing tragic situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is deeply disturbing to all humanity and runs counter to humanity apos s moral values.
  • So they take us together in their spaceship and they say, you ten represent all of humanity, and the fate of humanity rests in your hands.
  • And We have not sent thee O Muhammad save as a bringer of good tidings and a warner unto all mankind but most of mankind know not.
  • And verily We have displayed for mankind in this Qur'an all kind of similitudes, but most of mankind refuse aught save disbelief.
  • Why not also acknowledge that mankind is one and that all who form part of mankind have a right to development and freedom
  • And all the praises and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the 'Alamin mankind, jinns, and all that exists .
  • The Day when all mankind will stand before the Lord of the 'Alamin mankind, jinns and all that exists
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