"tout le peuple" en anglais

Comment dire "tout le peuple" en anglais, la traduction "tout le peuple" en anglais :

Tout le peuple

The whole people

Tout le peuple

Entire people

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  • Theyíre burying the past and the future, whole families and an entire population, illegitimately dismissed from its own land, a people who havenít found any form of shelter except for huts in refugee camps.
  • He has razed whole districts of Bucharest, and we also remember the operation in which he had entire villages razed, moving the people to socalled modernized areas, in fact to more easily controllable areas.
  • The quot UNC quot side has continued to conduct war exercises against the Democratic people apos s Republic of Korea despite protest from the entire Korean people and world peace loving people.
  • The Israeli electricity company stops the electricity for whole neighbourhoods, without any discrimination between people who pay and people who don apos t pay.
  • This attempt has been and will continue to be resolutely opposed by the entire Chinese people, including people in Taiwan, and is, therefore, doomed to failure.
  • An open, coordinated approach would help European society as a whole acknowledge and understand the reasons why people, especially young people, turn to drugs.
  • At times, almost entire groups of people, such as indigenous people and ethnic minorities who suffer from social exclusion, remain entrenched in dire poverty.
  • Noise makes people ill and therefore not only injures and stresses people themselves, it also damages the community as a whole, i.e. the national economy.
  • We are seeing the elimination of whole villages, with all that they represent in cultural and human terms the anni hilation of an entire people.
  • We just need good people, good administrators, people who really cares about the benefit of the whole country and not only their own pockets.
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