"tout le monde parle" en anglais

Comment dire "tout le monde parle" en anglais, la traduction "tout le monde parle" en anglais :

Tout le monde parle

All talk

Tout le monde parle

Everybody talks

Tout le monde parle

Everyone speaks

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10 exemples phrases

  • I'd like to thank everybody, all the scientists, the philosophers, the architects, the inventors, the biologists, the botanists, the artists ... everyone that blew my mind this week.
  • Kaljulaid herself often speaks of cyber hygiene and digital societies as opposed to digital technologies that are inclusive of everyone.
  • Finally, everyone in this Parliament is crying out for a Community that speaks with one voice on security matters.
  • everyone in your country has been touched by the violence, the bloodshed, the pain, the horror, everybody.
  • If everybody was fantasizing on a bed of roses, we wouldn't be having such interesting talks about this.
  • If everyone who sees this video speaks out and contacts their government, we've got a chance of winning.
  • In another post, Samsari talks about another farmer who could be the guiding light for everybody else.
  • He talks to everybody freely now and he doesn't stutter anymore and he's doing way better in school.
  • Oh, my TED talk, my sample TED talk, is about TED talks, because I like to be meta. So Laughter
  • We have a Book with Us that speaks the truth about everyone and they shall in no wise be wronged.
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