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Comment dire "tout le monde et tout" en anglais, la traduction "tout le monde et tout" en anglais :

Tout le monde et tout

Everyone and everything

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  • Mr President, Commissioner, Mrs Evans has just said everything I wanted to say, and given the late hour, we should perhaps depart from the noble principle that everything has already been said, but not by everyone, so I will refrain from repeating everything all over again.
  • everyone wants to see him succeed in the formidable task he has taken on, and so far it has to be said that everything he has done and everything he has said has pointed in the same democratic direction.
  • My conviction, which is shared by everyone in my group, is that the European Union has everything to lose if it is tentative or indecisive in this matter and everything to gain if it takes a clear stand.
  • Who quite inconspicuously is leading us to become ever more hardened in our sensibilities and toward becoming increasingly accustomed to the fact that everyone can lie about everything and anything
  • Basically, information is the contemporary utopia, the utopia in which everyone shares everything, everyone contributes to everything, everyone has access to and nurtures a universal knowledge.
  • When the contractors have gone bust, as they've been overleveraged like everyone else, the difference is everything goes missing, documentation, passports, and tickets home for these workers.
  • Nonetheless, the French general Jean Andoche Junot described him as a weak man, suspicious of everyone and everything, jealous of his authority but incapable of making it respected.
  • Marxism is kind of the pure Utopian, we're eventually going to get to a world where everyone is equal. everyone is doing exactly what they want. There's an abundance of everything.
  • and when the boarding starts, at the same time, the organisers start cleaning up everything. and they keep on cleaning, until everyone gets to La Concha and everyone leaves.
  • We lose something dear, something everyone in this room loves and cherishes, if we lose this republic, and so we act with everything we can to prove these pundits wrong.
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