"tout le monde et tout le monde" en anglais

Comment dire "tout le monde et tout le monde" en anglais, la traduction "tout le monde et tout le monde" en anglais :

Tout le monde et tout le monde

Anyone and everyone

Tout le monde et tout le monde

Everybody and anybody

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  • everybody who's worked on GNU project, everybody who's worked on opensource software and free software, everyone in this room who's working on hardware, who's working on documentation, these are things that we should try to focus on.
  • Suppose, in the red area, everyone believed the meteor theory of the dinosaurs' extinction. And in that area everybody believed the virus theory, and in that area everybody believed the mammals eating the eggs theory.
  • BSWAP AX is also wrongly disassembled by WinDbg and so on it will be disassembled as BSWAP EAX and actually, you clear the register can everybody understand this code anybody sees the potential trap
  • In return, I listen to others, accept dialogue with everybody, and when I disagree with someone, I disagree with their thoughts and stances only, and I have no personal conflicts with anyone.
  • We in the European Union must therefore implement rules which set minimums which everybody can achieve and which can be raised for anybody who is in a position to meet them.
  • When the problem becomes the same for everybody and everyone has the same interest in its solution, differences and suspicions slip away and often then friendship moves in.
  • So if anyone would like a hundred million copies of my business card, I have plenty for everyone in the room, and, in fact, everyone in the world, and it's right here.
  • Some of these critics have gone and created a website called Watch me Confess, and they are asking anyone and everyone to submit their own videotaped confession
  • I have one thing to say, even if you disagree with this. It's not charity, it's solidarity from everybody to anybody everyone participates, even the refugees.
  • I cannot speak for all of them, but my relatives and acquaintances believe the following everyone wants a peaceful life and needs no protection from anyone.
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