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Comment dire "tout le monde comprend" en anglais, la traduction "tout le monde comprend" en anglais :

Tout le monde comprend

Everybody understands

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10 exemples phrases

  • The miracle of Esperanto is that you can keep your accent and your way of forming your sentences, and yet, everybody understands everybody, and no one ever feels inferior, ridiculous, or simply foreign.
  • Cities, poverty and the environment are realities that everybody understands they are respectively issues, problems and values that we all share and identify with.
  • It is a message that must be understood and that must be expressed clearly so that everybody understands it and so that our Israeli friends also understand it.
  • This is some thing that affects everybody and that everybody understands, which is not at all true of institutional or monetary questions.
  • That intersection doesn't always create a view of everybody now understands everybody, and everybody appreciates everybody.
  • Chairman. I think everybody understands both sides of the questions and clearly there is something in between.
  • What exactly he understands, how he feels in most cases, he is the only person who understands it.
  • Now one understands anything and no one understands how those people think.
  • I'll go over this once more to make sure everybody understands.
  • everybody wanted their deposit back. everybody is fleeing.
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