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Tellement cher

How expensive

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  • But car seats are so expensive and complicated, and they have this big tangle of latches, how could they possibly not work better than seatbelts because they are so expensive and complicated
  • How could it possibly be that something that's cheap and simple works as well as something that's complicated and expensive
  • It is both expensive and largescale because expensive agreements tend to be largescale and largescale agreements expensive.
  • Steve Levitt talked to you yesterday about how these expensive and difficult to install child seats don't help.
  • I don't think you realize how difficult and expensive it would be... to install this new system just now.
  • So much for the heated debates that we are always having about how expensive this is all supposed to be
  • What a waste to buy such an expensive machine even though he doesn't even know how to use computers.
  • What we're all learning, is just how expensive that will be. gt gt You're getting there.
  • Instead, it's gone up by that amount. So it's expensive. expensive things hurt families.
  • Because I remember what a show it was about and how it kept growing more expensive.
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