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Comment dire "tambour de montée subite" en anglais, la traduction "tambour de montée subite" en anglais :

Tambour de montée subite

Surge drum

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  • Sambass, drum 'n' bossa or drum 'n' sambass a portmanteau of samba and bass is a regional subgenre of drum and bass music mostly native to Brazil, which combines drum and bass rhythms with influences from Latin American music.
  • Avoidance of testosterone surge surge was defined as testosterone exceeding baseline by 15 within the first 2 weeks.
  • Its early function was as a drum of different gods, drum of royalty, drum of ancestors and drum of politicians.
  • A Batá drum is a double headed drum shaped like an hourglass with one cone larger than the other.
  • Finally, a second drum was mounted on the right of the bass drum, a diameter drum deep.
  • The seeds go into this drum, this motor turns the drum seventy revolutions a minute.
  • Then surge on from where the people surge and ask Allah for forgiveness.
  • The entire drum section is known collectively as the drum corps.
  • Composite packaging, plastic receptacle in aluminium drum
  • Composite packaging, glass receptacle in aluminium drum
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