"ta chérie" en anglais

Comment dire "ta chérie" en anglais, la traduction "ta chérie" en anglais :

Ta chérie

Your darling

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10 exemples phrases

  • I'm sorry to interrupt your work, darling. Look at you. But this really is important.
  • darling, will you kindly hold your temper... your tongue, and your two little fists.
  • darling, he said in a tender voice Tell me, do you regret your choice
  • Don't give them your real name, darling. These pixies know how to spell.
  • your little nephew has real feeling, my darling, just like anyone else.
  • Listen, darling the only warm place I have ever been is in your heart.
  • But I never dreamed darling, there's such a difference in your ages.
  • But darling, whatever put it in your head to become a state trooper
  • Oh, darling, I know your nerves are just as strained as mine. Hello.
  • darling, look. The Duchess of Loganshire, over there to your left.
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