"service de l'humanité" en anglais

Comment dire "service de l'humanité" en anglais, la traduction "service de l'humanité" en anglais :

Service de l'humanité

Serve humanity

Service de l'humanité

Service of humanity

Service de l'humanité

Serving humanity

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  • humanity humanity forbids the infliction of suffering, injury or destruction not actually necessary for the accomplishment of legitimate military objectives.
  • For what defines humanity, perhaps biologically, is our physiology, but God defines humanity by our spirituality, by our nature.
  • It has recognised that slavery and trafficking were crimes against humanity and should always have been crimes against humanity.
  • Auschwitz will forever be engraved in the history of humanity as a symbol of utter contempt for humanity and of genocide.
  • We're putting the future of humanity in the hands of the dispossessed and creating a new humanity to spring out of that.
  • They have renounced everything in mankind that saves his humanity, and they now serve dark forces.
  • Draft resolution A is entitled quot Information in the service of humanity quot .
  • In destroying the monster, Dracula, I performed a service to humanity.
  • Listen, Thatcher, I'm a man who renders humanity a great service.
  • Because ultimately, our humanity depends on everyone's humanity.
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