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Sentiment camarade

Fellow feeling

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  • What makes these economies function is not a policeman protecting every shop window, but rather people s trust, fairness, and fellow feeling to honor promises and obey the prevailing rules.
  • or headache rapid heart beat feeling sick feeling very hungry temporary changes in vision drowsiness unusual tiredness and weakness nervousness or tremor feeling anxious feeling
  • She liked this young fellow with that expansive feeling that old women display for people who come from their own part of the country, bringing with them memories of the past.
  • This was very pleasant there is no happiness like that of being loved by your fellow creatures, and feeling that your presence is an addition to their comfort.
  • As a Catalan I have an enormous fellow feeling for the minority languages though some of them are not such minority languages either and I am fully aware
  • In Vaughan Williams's words, It was now that Holst discovered the feeling of unity with his fellow men which made him afterwards a great teacher.
  • Asthenia Malaise Sluggishness Chest discomfort feeling abnormal feeling jittery Thirst feeling cold Chills feeling hot Drug withdrawal syndrome
  • The Little fellow awoke, blissfully ignorant of what happened the night before, but feeling definitely conscious of the morning after .
  • And I do not want a stranger unsympathising, alien, different from me I want my kindred those with whom I have full fellow feeling.
  • Obviously we Europeans must lead this process in our own interest, but above all in the name of basic fellow feeling.
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