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Comment dire "ridiculement cher" en anglais, la traduction "ridiculement cher" en anglais :

Ridiculement cher

Ridiculously expensive

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  • Wearing a ridiculously expensive watch to proclaim that one has achieved an elevated social standing seems especially immoral for a public official in a country where a significant portion of the population still lives in real poverty.
  • Sudan UN AU Troops in Darfur, ridiculously expensive Nursery School, Wildlife Returning in South Sudan and Reactions Towards Sudanese Gay Blogger Global Voices
  • It is both expensive and largescale because expensive agreements tend to be largescale and largescale agreements expensive.
  • More ridiculously, some government officials have attempted to delete or change the minutes of government meetings.
  • Time allocated for debates on these matters is already ridiculously short, and scrutiny is therefore minimal.
  • The BNCC's ideological bias and rancid doctrine, on this topic, is undeniable and ridiculously reductionist.
  • For my part, I was no longer worried about those dangers my imagination had so ridiculously exaggerated.
  • If you relate the information available through science, the situation is ridiculously dangerous.
  • What we are discussing today is a ridiculously small matter compared to what we will see later.
  • That is probably one of the most ridiculously evasive answers I have heard in a very long time.
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