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Comment dire "récente vague" en anglais, la traduction "récente vague" en anglais :

Récente vague

Recent wave

Récente vague

Recent spate

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  • Recalling the spate of recent international natural disasters, he drew attention to the importance of disaster preparedness, and welcomed the mechanisms on disaster reduction and early warning systems that had been introduced.
  • Mr. Hian Singapore said that the recent spate of natural disasters, including the Indian Ocean tsunami, showed that the real challenge facing the international community was how to achieve sustainable development.
  • As a result of the attention, Bulgarian police issued a call to bloggers, pressuring them to stop writing about the recent wave of environmental protests that has swept across the country in the recent weeks.
  • The recent spate of devastation caused by these natural disasters brings into sharper focus the extreme vulnerability of low lying coastal areas and small island developing States.
  • Despite the recent spate of fires encountered in Egypt, today brings a different story for yet another fire one started in the political Al Ghad Party's headquarters, in Cairo.
  • Doc. Β 2 1075 86 by Mr Vergeer and Mrs Rabbethge, on behalf of the Group of the European Peo ple's Party, on the recent spate of political arrests in Uganda
  • She was, also working with the Police in the prosecution of the suspects in the recent spate of murders, robberies and terrorism in Busoga region and Kampala.
  • 6.16 In recent years there has been a spate of media coverage exposing the extensive network of paedophile activities in the Pacific, and in particular, Fiji.
  • The recent persistent wave of redundancies by numerous large companies as the result of closures or restructuring measures has reached worrying proportions.
  • We have already experienced the onset of this misery in recent years, with a spate of devastating famines, floods, and other climate related disasters.
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