"quelque chose d'autre" en anglais

Comment dire "quelque chose d'autre" en anglais, la traduction "quelque chose d'autre" en anglais :

Quelque chose d'autre

Somethings else

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10 exemples phrases

  • It was a sentiment that was echoed repeatedly around the field, as scenes of retirees, thirty somethings and middle aged Singaporeans breaking down into tears and pleading for help.
  • For many users, the news immediately brought to mind memories of Soviet deficits and long lines in empty shops, which many of the 30 somethings in Russia experienced as children.
  • Apparently humans, and other animals, are programmed to go all Aaaaahhhhh, Cuuuute when confronted by small fluffy little cute harmless somethings looking into our eyes.
  • somethings got to give IndiaBlockadesNepal Nepal pic.twitter.com opW4nLuuns Lou Watsham lou_watsham October 13, 2015
  • It's almost like somethings are destined to happen like that and there's nothing you can do about it.
  • somethings were so precious, I don't put even in my diary, I don't put it and he found this thing
  • Over there, older people also come to concerts, not just teens and twenty somethings.
  • More and more Japanese 20 somethings are starting to embrace a solitary lifestyle
  • You are not discovering something else your OWN self not something else.
  • Every day she bought something else and something else and something else
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