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Comment dire "professeur de danse" en anglais, la traduction "professeur de danse" en anglais :

Professeur de danse

Dance instructor

Professeur de danse

Dance teacher

Professeur de danse

Dancing teacher

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  • The son of Charles Didelot, the dance master of the King of Sweden, he studied dance with his father, who was an instructor in dance at the Swedish Opera, and debuted as dancer in the theatre of Bollhuset in Stockholm 1786.
  • Luckily enough I think, because at that moment, I don't remember anything from my two years of dance classes and I start dancing, I launch myself into dance, propelled by the music.
  • Arthur Murray April 4, 1895 March 3, 1991 was an American dance instructor and businessman, whose name is most often associated with the dance studio chain that bears his name.
  • Murray won his first dance contest at the Grand Central Palace, a public dance hall where he later became a part time dance teacher after graduation from high school.
  • Irish dancing or Irish dance is a group of traditional dance forms originating in Ireland which can broadly be divided into social dance and performance dances.
  • He portrayed Sean Lewis, an ad executive who serves as a dance teacher after receiving a sentence of community service however, he does not dance in the film.
  • In 1940, in collaboration with Truda Kaschmann, his first modern dance teacher, Nikolais received a commission to create Eight Column Line , his first ballet.
  • The Carlton character was known for frequently dancing to Tom Jones' It's Not Unusual , a dance move that gained fame as The Carlton dance .
  • She started dancing at the age 10, when her parents signed her up for dance lessons at the Higgins School of Irish dance in Waterford.
  • Children testing the toy used Mickey as a dance instructor although their parents complained about the lack of a volume control.
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