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Comment dire "presque le meilleur" en anglais, la traduction "presque le meilleur" en anglais :

Presque le meilleur

Almost the best

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  • The best Years of Our Lives won seven Academy Awards in 1946, including best Picture, best Director William Wyler , best Actor Fredric March , best Supporting Actor Harold Russell , best Film Editing Daniel Mandell , best Adapted Screenplay Robert Sherwood , and best Original Score Hugo Friedhofer .
  • The album earned the band five nominations at the 46th Grammy Awards Album of the Year, best Rock Album, best Rock Song, best Hard Rock Performance and Grammy Award for best New Artist, winning best New Artist and best Hard Rock Performance.
  • It was a beautiful day, and got a chance to see that little plant that had been around for almost a hundred years, and turned out we're the best company best customer that Bemidji Woolen Mills has ever had in their entire history.
  • The fact that Rosewall also won the major events clearly indicates that he was the number one in 1963 but also that the best pros were almost certainly the best players in the world during the previous years.
  • Events February 24 The Pianist , directed by Roman Polanski, wins 7 César Awards best Film, best Director, best Actor, best Sound, best Production Design, best Music and best Cinematography.
  • almost all Member States now have their own strategy and action plans, in line with international best practice recommendations, which have undergone extensive public consultation.
  • Signer Geronimo was a famous singer, a man used to good company, and at the same time the best of company himself, qualities which, in France, have almost ceased to be compatible.
  • Everyone agrees that education about drugs is a necessity, everyone agrees that not nearly enough is being done and almost nobody agrees on how best the matter should be tackled.
  • almost all roads are at best two way and have invariably suffered because of a lack of maintenance over many years, before and after the transition process began.
  • The film and González Iñárritu won the Golden Globe for best Screenplay, and the Academy Award for best Picture, best Director, and best Original Screenplay.
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