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Comment dire "pratiquement le même" en anglais, la traduction "pratiquement le même" en anglais :

Pratiquement le même

Virtually the same

Pratiquement le même

Practically the same

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  • But, despite this enormous increase in its functions and responsibilities, the way in which the Fund is run is practically the same as before, with the same administrative structures, and the same methods and despite the many suggestions put forward also by the European Parliament for improving the management of the Fund, the results remain disappointing.
  • It can only be a matter of tactics if, at this stage, having adopted six resolutions already, we say the same thing, or virtually the same thing, once again without any serious debate with the Council and with the Commission.
  • virtually everyone now agrees on the need for modernisation with trains that can travel on the other side of the border with the same carriages, the same crew, the same voltage and the same safety requirements.
  • The information supplied by the Italian authorities shows that the same credit institution granted loans at the same time to other large companies under virtually identical conditions.
  • In practical terms, under this system, decisions have practically the same chances of being adopted successfully as under the extremely complex weighting system concocted at Nice.
  • During the same period, the government has eviscerated virtually all critical press and opposition and has begun filtering Rwandan dissident news Web sites based abroad.
  • In conclusion, regarding the complexity of the con trols, it ought to be pointed out that the present system has practically the same requirements as regards con trol.
  • At the same time, Zakaev maintained rather friendly relations with Kadyrov, whose achievements making Chechnya practically independent he implicitly acknowledged.
  • Next, you have virtually a slave, a worker of the ground, who worked side by side with a slave, they were doing the same job the citizen and the slave, the same job.
  • Access to the same curricula, the same examinations, teaching staff with qualifications of the same standard and school premises and equipment of the same quality.
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