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10 exemples phrases

  • He looked as sulky as his father, with his hands thrust into his side pockets, his brows drawn down, and his lower lip thrusting out.
  • Avoidance of testosterone surge surge was defined as testosterone exceeding baseline by 15 within the first 2 weeks.
  • That cozy culture ended soon after the thrusting, brash Americans, who worked even over breakfast, hit town.
  • Suddenly a storm broke, the thunder growled, and the saintly student exclaimed, thrusting him rudely away
  • The Day they are thrust toward the fire of Hell with a violent thrust, its angels will say ,
  • 'Romantic stuff,' he exclaimed, thrusting away his wife who sought to embrace his knees.
  • On the Day when they shall be thrust into Hell with a violent thrust and shall be told
  • You cannot do that by thrusting a regulation down the throats of the legal community.
  • Togolese Bloggers poke Fun at President for Over the Top BillBoard Global Voices
  • Each man vied with the other in thrusting his head over his neighbor's shoulder.
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