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Peuples pensée

Peoples thinking

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  • peoples, States and nations had the right to determine their own identity and their guiding principles, respecting the collective interests of peoples and communities, and no one should impose ways of thinking or traditions.
  • Finally, regional economic integration, as it is progressively being built, simply eliminates the option of war from the thinking of the Governments and peoples involved.
  • But there is another side to our past, which is an inspiring history of meetings between peoples, mutual influence and discovery of new ways of thinking and living.
  • It's actually very basic stuff thinking about continuity, thinking about backups, thinking about the things that actually matter.
  • See his quot The rights of peoples peoples apos or Governments quot in The Rights of peoples, op. cit., p. 59.
  • And yet people are interestingly resistant to the idea of applying evolutionary thinking to thinking to our thinking.
  • We know only too well the fate of societies that try to impose uniform thinking and behaviour on their peoples.
  • This stems from a very archaic way of thinking, sacrificial thinking, which is also magic thinking.
  • So you're thinking about justification and the salesman was thinking about persuasion.
  • He knew that institutional thinking doesn't work in India. Individual thinking does.
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