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Peuples organisation

Peoples organization

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  • 1. The attention of the Preparatory Committee is drawn to the attached contribution by the Asian Indigenous peoples Pact, an umbrella organization for indigenous peoples in the region, which organized the Asian Conference on the Rights of Indigenous Tribal peoples in Chiang Mai, Thailand, from 18 to 23 May 1993.
  • In the picture to be seen there is light and shade. But it is undeniable that this new revolutionary form for the organization of relations between the peoples of our continent gives those peoples considerable opportunities for economic develop ment, social progress and consolidation of peace.
  • In October 2005, Guatemala had hosted a Conclave of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas, followed by the sixth meeting of negotiations to seek consensus on the American Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples, within the framework of the organization of American States OAS .
  • organization of work  4. Review of developments a General debate b Principal theme Utilization of indigenous peoples' lands by non indigenous authorities, groups or individuals for military purposes c Indigenous peoples and conflict prevention and resolution 5.
  • 284. The African Charter for Human and peoples apos Rights, the central instrument of the organization of African Unity OAU , is interesting with respect to population transfer, while it expressly recognizes a number of collective or so called peoples apos rights.
  • Coordination of indigenous policy and the human rights of indigenous peoples were further bolstered following the Brazilian State's ratification, in April 2004, of International Labor organization ILO Convention no. 169 on Indigenous peoples and Tribes.
  • If the organization is to respond effectively to the hopes placed in it by the peoples of the world, the Member States will have to be as innovative in devising new financial approaches as they are in devising new tasks for the organization to perform.
  • The Forum recommends that States pay special attention to the situation of uncontacted indigenous peoples, peoples in voluntary isolation, and peoples in isolated and remote localities and displaced peoples from indigenous communities.
  • The Constitution recognizes and guarantees the right of the indigenous peoples to self determination and, consequently, recognizes their autonomy to decide on their social, economic, political, juridical and cultural organization.
  • The Committee welcomes the State party's ratification in 2002 of International Labour organization Indigenous and Tribal peoples Convention, 1989 No. 169 concerning indigenous and tribal peoples in independent countries.
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