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Peuples avis

Peoples opinion

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  • The Forum recommends that States pay special attention to the situation of uncontacted indigenous peoples, peoples in voluntary isolation, and peoples in isolated and remote localities and displaced peoples from indigenous communities.
  • Survival International Blog details the recent discussion in UK media about reporting on indigenous peoples British newspaper The Independent today carried a prominent opinion piece from Survival s director, Stephen Corry.
  • 56. The opinion of the indigenous peoples was expressed by Mr. Moana Jackson who reported on the conclusions reached in the informal meeting held by the representatives of indigenous peoples.
  • In our opinion, the credibility of our Organization is at stake. It cannot lag behind these important events, which have aroused such hope among the peoples of the Middle East.
  • In our opinion, however, we should be moving towards a Europe of peoples, peoples whose identity is not necessarily defined according to the present form of the Member States.
  • Madam President, we too would like to add that Parliament, over and above technical matters, must speak clearly to our peoples, our States, and to European public opinion.
  • Secondly, regional seminars were crucial in mobilizing world opinion to support the peoples of the Non Self Governing Territories in bringing about an end to colonialism.
  • Lastly, I agree with Mr Gahler that European public opinion would not support freedom of movement for the peoples of north Africa for the foreseeable future.
  • The European institutions are not in the least bit interested in the opinion of the peoples of Euroep, whether they are Members of the European Union or not.
  • In my opinion, the reason for this is that when we talk of human rights, we always focus on individual rights and too often disregard the rights of peoples.
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