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Peuples affaires

Peoples business

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  • quot All matters of vital concern to any of the constituent peoples shall be regulated in the Constitution, which as to these points may be amended only by consensus of these constituent peoples ordinary governmental business is not to be veto able by any group. quot
  • The Forum recommends that States pay special attention to the situation of uncontacted indigenous peoples, peoples in voluntary isolation, and peoples in isolated and remote localities and displaced peoples from indigenous communities.
  • A responsible attitude to destination development and product delivery also means involving local communities and indigenous peoples in the development approach by discussing business policies and decisions with the local stakeholders.
  • Various business endeavours in Betiland failed eventually, he opened in Yaoundé the Librairie des Peuples noirs Bookstore of the Black peoples and organised agricultural activities in his village of Akometam.
  • For example, access to land an essential factor of production in his company's business was no longer possible without observance of ethical considerations, such as the rights of indigenous peoples.
  • But they remain neuralgic about any hint of outside interference, including even the suggestion that their nation s business might also be the business of other peoples, and vice versa.
  • A hearing will be held involving the business community, demographic and social security experts, representatives of retired peoples' organisations, and the medical profession.
  • I think that that group is less interested in defending the peoples of Europe than in disrupting the order of business of the European Parliament.
  • On this basis, the Working Group agreed that indigenous peoples are peoples, and have the right to self determination, the same as other peoples.
  • Trade policy cannot just be concerned with the interests of the business world we have to ensure that it benefits the world's poorest peoples.
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