"petite chérie" en anglais

Comment dire "petite chérie" en anglais, la traduction "petite chérie" en anglais :

Petite chérie

Little sweetheart

Petite chérie

Little darling

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10 exemples phrases

  • I'm pretty annoyed, my darling I'm sorry so you can forgive me I'm gonna play you a little trumpet
  • Jiggers here is making Scotch. A little alcohol, a little water, a little color, a little flavor.
  • Here is a little woman, said he to himself, who will be my sweetheart whenever I choose.
  • darling, give up that stable full of noisy, charming little brats and all will be peace.
  • What is it darling What have I done to make you suspicious of every little thing I do
  • Wait till you see the cooing fest I put on over Howard for dear, darling little Sylvia.
  • darling, will you kindly hold your temper... your tongue, and your two little fists.
  • My love to little Johnny. So long, darling. Shall I spit in Crystal's eye for you
  • Sure enough, in this little world the little boy meets one of those little girls.
  • Now, listen, sweetheart... all the little kiddies like the goosy gander rocker.
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