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Onde baril

Barrel wave

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  • And then this wave seems to be born as a wave. Floats along as a wave, which you call the life of a wave and subsides again, we call death of a wave.
  • from 7 a barrel, which was what they did their original sums on, to 17 a barrel after the withdrawal of Russian support, to 27 a barrel.
  • wave Rock Weekender wave Rock hosts the nearby wave Rock Weekender event, a music festival held once a year.
  • Physically propagate this deflagration wave, a nuclear conversion and burning wave.
  • When Americans paid 120 per barrel, Europeans paid only about 76 per barrel.
  • But if I go with the wave, and I trust the wave and I move with the wave,
  • Shotguns, multiple barrel, including combination guns
  • The second wave was the mutated, super killer wave.
  • So it's a wave, it's a sound wave, and all that.
  • Composer of destinies barrel of every rhythm
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