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Comment dire "nulle part ailleurs" en anglais, la traduction "nulle part ailleurs" en anglais :

Nulle part ailleurs

Nowhere else

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  • It is quite incredible how the autocratic Mr Lukashenko keeps on believing that he can get away with things in Belarus that would be permitted nowhere else in Europe and allowed nowhere else in the area covered by the OSCE.
  • The overall impression is enhanced by both the spectacular glass roof, seen nowhere else in the Czech Republic, and the colorful spiritual program and renewed traditional fairs.
  • Though Havana, particularly its oldest part, is significantly squalid, nowhere else in the surroundings is there such a great number of fabulous colonial sights.
  • I wish to remind this House that sheep farmers in hill and upland areas are unavoidably locked into sheep and goat production they have nowhere else to go.
  • Mr President, if the preceding speakers are to be believed, we now have paradise in view. The Chinese, in particular, are heading there and nowhere else.
  • nowhere else do Council, Commission and Parliament engage in public discussion, not always achieving unanimity, but openly, and, I hope, constructively.
  • The rule, nevertheless, is a basis for Icelandic law that nowhere discriminates against children on the basis of race, colour, sex or anything else.
  • nowhere else in the world will you find a situation like this. The Commission must there fore make full use of its few instruments to exercise
  • It is evident that individuals who are in misery and despair resort to the use of drugs because they feel they have nowhere else to turn.
  • nowhere else in the United Nations were the human rights of indigenous peoples the basis for examination of an environmental catastrophe.
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