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Comment dire "notre cher ami" en anglais, la traduction "notre cher ami" en anglais :

Notre cher ami

Our dear friend

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  • On the contrary, my dear friend, this diamond became our only resource with it I might regain our horses and their harnesses, and even money to pay our expenses on the road.
  • hussain_info To our dear in hiding and being hunted , I hope that your happiness with the escape of our beloved friend Ali Abdulemam doesn't let you put your guard down
  • It is with great sadness and emotion that we all are here in the Concertgebouw after the terrible loss of Wim Duisenberg , our first President and our dear friend .
  • I wish to pay tribute to our allied family house in France... because especially of the lamented death... of my dear friend Jean Girard, Henri's father.
  • My dear friends, the next offering in our little musical program will be Chopin's 11th Étude, as played by our dear, dear friend, Prince Potopienko.
  • PRESIDENT. It is my very sad duty to announce the death on 24 September of our dear friend and col league, Basil de Ferranti.
  • There will be an opportunity later for paying a fuller tribute to the memory of our dear friend Claus, but in
  • Ah, yes dear friend to an Englishman, interrupted Athos well commenced Bravo, d Artagnan
  • We'll be onto the three people who dared not like The Avengers. our dear friend Amy Nickelson.
  • Alas, dear friend said Aramis, our late adventures have disgusted me with military life.
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