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Comment dire "nos gars" en anglais, la traduction "nos gars" en anglais :

Nos gars

Our guys

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  • We, the bad guys and gals the Ze3ran of the Syrian Blogsphere and our regular guests need to initiate our own Week Against Something.
  • It's a shame 'Our Richard' Branson , Steve Wynn still winning big , and billionaire 'Google guys' weren't in attendance.
  • Hey guys, it's Lunden, and this week we are working on our flexibility and we're gonna get our stretch on
  • And after these guys bump into those guys, those guys are going to go back to where they were.
  • Today we woke up to reports from our guys at the research centre that Samburu is under water
  • And so these guys are going to run into those guys, who are going to run into the next guys.
  • Yet they keep taking young guys into the military, our state broke the lives of 273 people.
  • But not our guys they were decent people, had to hug the wife and say hello to children.
  • Yeah, this is nothing compared to our old school. Those guys really knew how to haze.
  • By the end of it, a lot more bad guys on our continent will be put behind bars.
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