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Comment dire "musicien invité" en anglais, la traduction "musicien invité" en anglais :

Musicien invité

Guest musician

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  • Christopher Haden guest, 5th Baron Haden guest born February 5, 1948 , better known as Christopher guest, is an English American screenwriter, composer, musician, director, actor, and comedian who holds dual British and American citizenship.
  • Owens, who was still in Judas Priest at the time, was originally supposed to be credited as a guest musician, but after singer Rob Halford rejoined Judas Priest, Owens joined Iced Earth full time.
  • The album is produced by Brendan O'Brien and Scott Kelly of Neurosis returns as a guest musician on the title track.
  • They recorded a double CD, produced by Eamonn Campbell, long time friend and guest musician.
  • 3 guest speakers travel and per diem Item 2542 42 other guest participants1
  • ... other guest participants Item 2542
  • Tom isn't a professional musician.
  • Layman, Richard, guest editor.
  • 4 guest participants Item 2542
  • a Statements by guest speakers
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