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Musicien interprète

Performing musician

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  • When Tibetan writer, poet and blogger Tsering Woeser known as Woeser saw photos and video footage online of Tibetan diaspora musician Techung Tashi Sharzur performing at the Tibet Freedom Concert in Taipei in December 2008, she was deeply moved.
  • In addition to performing extensively in Europe and the United States as a soloist and a chamber musician, he also taught many students at Juilliard, the New England Conservatory, the Yale School of Music see this and Boston University.
  • In 1985, Hidalgo was performing with Eddie Palmieri at The Village Gate in New York City, when the legendary jazz musician Dizzy Gillespie walked in and listened to Hidalgo play.
  • She was initially discouraged from performing songs deemed manly,' but found a musical role model in 75 year old Saffiya Beyg, a self taught female eastern classic musician.
  • There he met native Irish speaker and musician Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, the daughter of famed musician Proinsias Ó Maonaigh from Gweedore.
  • From a young age Stanchinsky was a gifted musician, composing and performing his first works at the age of six years old.
  • It was designed for the performing musician, without legs, and intended to be sat on top of an organ or acoustic piano.
  • So she was like that jazz musician friend you have who never studied music but is a terrific musician
  • So, if I change the numbers performing one task, it changes the numbers performing another.
  • Thad Jones was a self taught musician, performing professionally by the age of sixteen.
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