"montée subite de croissance" en anglais

Comment dire "montée subite de croissance" en anglais, la traduction "montée subite de croissance" en anglais :

Montée subite de croissance

Growth surge

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  • The same problem haunts Bernanke s hypothesis that slow growth reflected a global savings glut. From a Keynesian perspective, an increase in savings cannot explain the surge in activity that the world witnessed in the early 2000s.
  • The Nieuwe Waterweg will be protected by dikes up to the location of a storm surge barrier, the Maeslantkering at Hoek van Holland, and the Hartelkanaal will be protected up to another storm surge barrier, the Hartelkering.
  • The fall in GDP was partly due to strong growth in public spending in the 1990s, which led to an increase in domestic and foreign debt and phenomena such as higher unemployment and a surge in the informal economy.
  • More precisely, it lies in explaining the conjunction of three major global developments a surge in growth not stagnation , a decline in inflation, and a reduction in real inflation adjusted interest rates.
  • Many spoke of being lured by the increased calm in the capital since the US troop surge and growth of local concerned citizens groups , armed and working with the US military to defend their neighbourhoods.
  • However, in the early 1990s a surge in growth was expected as a result of unification especially in Berlin, which would open up the potential for business expansion in the financial sector too.
  • Unlike GnRH agonists, GnRH antagonists do not induce a LH surge with subsequent testosterone surge tumour stimulation and potential symptomatic flare after the initiation of treatment.
  • A sudden surge in long term interest rates would also risk triggering a sharp reversal of the surge in housing prices witnessed in the US and many other countries in recent years.
  • To avoid a surge of insolvencies, they rolled over corporate debt, bringing about a long and painful period of financial consolidation, low investment, and slow economic growth.
  • Despite this, Obama is pursuing a military surge in Afghanistan but an aid surge to Pakistan, which is now the single largest recipient of US assistance in the world.
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