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Comment dire "mon cher ami" en anglais, la traduction "mon cher ami" en anglais :

Mon cher ami

My dear friend

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  • But, my dear friend, put yourself in my place, replied the Musketeer. I was hipped to death and still further, upon my honor, I don t like English horses.
  • my dear friends, the next offering in our little musical program will be Chopin's 11th Étude, as played by our dear, dear friend, Prince Potopienko.
  • Mr President, Commissioner, I wish to begin by thanking my dear friend and colleague, Mr Sterckx, for his excellent work.
  • My dear Copperfield, all I can say about my friend Heep is that he has responded to my financial appeals with generosity.
  • It is my great honor to introduce Dylan, Logan and Chloe's dad, Jai's husband, and my very dear friend, Dr. Randy Pausch.
  • Sleep, which is another work that I wrote in the year 2000 poetry by my dear friend Charles Anthony Silvestri.
  • Madam President, as my dear friend Elly will know, I will do anything to make her and my Dutch colleagues happy.
  • I have also noted that my dear friend, Mr Dell'Alba, has had his grumbles printed as an appendix to my opinion.
  • my dear friend, if she combed the entire world with a finetooth comb... she could never find such a director.
  • 'Oh, that's an old story, my dear friend,' Madame de Renal said laughing, 'and I daresay no harm was done.
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