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Moments chéris

Cherished moments

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  • The first cumulant is the expected value the second and third cumulants are respectively the second and third central moments the second central moment is the variance but the higher cumulants are neither moments nor central moments, but rather more complicated polynomial functions of the moments.
  • The moments determine the cumulants in the sense that any two probability distributions whose moments are identical will have identical cumulants as well, and similarly the cumulants determine the moments.
  • cherished memories, cherished communities proto nationalism in Tibet , in The History of Tibet Volume 2, The Medieval Period c. AD 850 1895, the Development of Buddhist Paramountcy , 492 522, ed.
  • Countless moments of unsolicited natural moments, not posed moments, are captured there, and we're starting to learn how to discover them and find them.
  • But again there were moments, for sure Laughter there were moments of real, honest to God musical interplay, for sure.
  • And that moment is right now, and those moments are counting down, and those moments are always, always, always fleeting.
  • Difficult moments... You ask me if there were difficult moments... I can't remember any speciaIly difficult moment.
  • But again, there were moments, for sure, there were moments of real, honest to God musical interplay, for sure.
  • There s beating in those moments. And in these moments police officers cannot know who s guilty and who s not.
  • On this point, it was noted that there were moments for active engagement and moments for strategic silence.
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