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Comment dire "mes gars" en anglais, la traduction "mes gars" en anglais :

Mes gars

My guys

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10 exemples phrases

  • A guys walks down my street ringing a bell announcing that voting has commenced.
  • Hey guess what guys, my story is over Now watch this, you French fry lovers
  • guys Osip, Artysha. For how long are we going to bear it, my dear brothers
  • And they caught a couple of my guys who had hidden cameras in duffel bags.
  • I interviewed a lot of guys who say that, yes, this is my primary fantasy.
  • I would tell them, Hey guys, this is where I'm going. This is my flight.
  • I am glad you guys have come. It's been in my mind for a while... ...
  • I'm here for two reasons. These two guys are my two sons Ford and Wren.
  • We were proud of him. Hey guys, you must meet my father He is blind
  • And my favorite talk we shouldn't have a favorite talk, sorry, guys
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