"merci les gars" en anglais

Comment dire "merci les gars" en anglais, la traduction "merci les gars" en anglais :

Merci les gars

Thanks guys

Merci les gars

Thank you guys

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  • If the doctors say anything, we'll share it with you guys, thank you.
  • And I appreciate you guys listening to this story. thanks very much.
  • You guys are lucky that everything comes so easy to you guys.
  • Cheers, applause. You guys are the best. thank you so much.
  • I got to go back to class, you guys, but thank you so much.
  • I'm totally supporting you guys. You guys are awesome.
  • thank you both guys for sharing this touching story.
  • thanks for coming, guys I'll see you next class
  • Hey guys, thanks so much for watching this video.
  • thanks for watching and see you guys next week
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