"ma chérie douce" en anglais

Comment dire "ma chérie douce" en anglais, la traduction "ma chérie douce" en anglais :

Ma chérie douce

Sweet darling

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10 exemples phrases

  • sweet Coreopsis grandiflora sweet American Tickseed Cyanotis axillaris L. sweet Dillwynia pungens sweet Benth.
  • Now scram. darling, you're just too sweet, the way you keep spoiling me.
  • I love How do you like coffee, sweet or simple sweet love, sweet
  • My darling, you're a very sweet person and a very human person...
  • For me and my beau and, hats off boys, his sweet darling ma.
  • Oooh, oooh... Hush, hush, darling... Hush, hush, darling...
  • O sweet, sweet, sweet nurse, tell me, what says my love
  • sweet, sweet, sweet nurse, tell me, what says my love
  • My sweet love, my little dove, my sweet little flower.
  • sweet home sweet welcome back home civil war is over
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