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Leur essor

Surge ahead

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  • Over the past ten years, political and economic actors intent on preserving the status quo have blocked further democratic change and economic reform, condemning Mexico to move sideways, even as other emerging markets surge ahead.
  • The government increasingly tightened its policies as the economy continued to surge ahead due to asset bubbles, high local government investment spending, and buoyant demand in global markets for Chinese goods.
  • Unlike GnRH agonists, GnRH antagonists do not induce a LH surge with subsequent testosterone surge tumour stimulation and potential symptomatic flare after the initiation of treatment.
  • Despite this, Obama is pursuing a military surge in Afghanistan but an aid surge to Pakistan, which is now the single largest recipient of US assistance in the world.
  • Since degarelix does not induce a testosterone surge it is not necessary to add an anti androgen as surge protection at initiation of therapy.
  • Thus, the main reason to take away the punch bowl was no longer a surge in consumer prices, but a surge in asset prices.
  • Avoidance of testosterone surge surge was defined as testosterone exceeding baseline by 15 within the first 2 weeks.
  • The International Year further contributed to this surge of international attention.
  • The French president loves crises, with their concomitant surge of adrenaline.
  • Philippine Typhoon Haiyan Victims Join People surge Protest Global Voices
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