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Comment dire "les lignes d'impulsion" en anglais, la traduction "les lignes d'impulsion" en anglais :

Les lignes d'impulsion

Impulse piping

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  • piping need not meet the requirement under i , if shut off devices are fitted in the piping where it passes through the bulkheads and which can be remotely controlled from a point above the bulkhead deck.
  • If several compartments are openly connected by piping or ventilation ducts, such piping and ducts shall, in an appropriate place, be lead above the waterline corresponding to the worst possible flooding.
  • Because the weight on Earth of the reaction mass is often unimportant when discussing vehicles in space, specific impulse can also be discussed in terms of impulse per unit mass.
  • The result has clearly generated a new political impulse, which will not be confined to Nicaragua alone a political impulse which the Commission is constantly monitoring.
  • We expect it will give an impulse to undertakings which are starting up in the difficult initial phase and a positive impulse for indus try and employment in the Community.
  • One impulse behind America's international engagement, and one of the great sources of its global power, has been its enduring impulse to make the world a better place.
  • Applications in the automobile industry, aviation, tyres, paints and coatings, flooring, cabling, piping, construction and domestic appliances
  • 2.1.2. 'piping means piping components intended for the transport of fluids, when connected together for integration into a pressure system.
  • piping clean water without improving sanitation can in some cases actually exacerbate the spread of infectious agents.
  • The nerve impulse starts with a receptor, a specialized part of each nerve, where the electrical impulse begins.
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