"le plus cher" en anglais

Comment dire "le plus cher" en anglais, la traduction "le plus cher" en anglais :

Le plus cher


Le plus cher

Most cherished

Le plus cher

Most dear

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  • Well, it's a most remarkable thing most remarkable, answered the stolid stranger, laughing because, as a matter of fact, you are quite right. I did catch it. But fancy your guessing it like that. dear me, it's really a most remarkable thing.
  • A United Nations that has gradually been transformed into a world government dealing with most of the substantive aspects of the harmonious coexistence of humankind is the ever cherished dream of most men and women the world over.
  • English My Fairest Land My land, oh most beauteous, possession most dear, Thou drawest me to thee, embracing me near becalmed in the summer, in winter snow covered, magnificent islands, by God named beloved.
  • They said These two are certainly expert magicians their object is to drive you out from your land with their magic, and to do away with your most cherished institutions.
  • Democracy and human rights are two of the United Nations Charter apos s most cherished principles, and they have always figured prominently in United Nations conferences.
  • My story will interest you all... ...especially our dear President it concerns a particular mania... ...his dearest caprice, which enabled me to make his acquaintance
  • The European Union is Cuba's main trading partner and its largest investor Cuban culture, literature and music are amongst the most cherished by Europe's youth.
  • Yet the celebration of the New Year's Eve, the Soviet people's most favorite holiday, still remains a cherished tradition among many people in the region.
  • The belief that boosting equality requires sacrificing economic efficiency is grounded in one of the most cherished ideas in economics incentives.
  • To announce that this is not a struggle of just the gay lesbian community but a struggle for our most fundamental rights and cherished values.
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