"le même" en anglais

Comment dire "le même" en anglais, la traduction "le même" en anglais :

Le même

The same one

Le même

The same

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10 exemples phrases

  • 21. 'full trainload' means any consignment comprising one or more wagonloads transported at the same time by the same sender at the same station and forwarded with no change in train composition to the address of the same consignee at the same destination station
  • From one country to another, from one capital to another, throughout that part of Europe the movement will, we may be sure, follow the same path, encounter the same contradictions and no doubt suffer the same setbacks.
  • 10. 'batch' means the eggs from one and the same packing centre, situated in one place, in packs or loose, with one and the same packing or grading date as well as the same quality and weight gradings
  • c the possible cumulation of refunds applicable to various products obtained from one and the same process and one and the same basic product
  • The Constitution prohibits more than one representative of the same canton from being members of the Federal Council at the same time.
  • Most Eurasian sparrowhawks stay on the same territory for one breeding season, though others keep the same one for up to eight years.
  • It is the same people, with the same interests, in the same groups, in the same political parties, in the same economic institutes.
  • A permit may cover one or more installations or parts of installations on the same site operated by the same operator
  • 4 Facility means one or more installations on the same site that are operated by the same natural or legal person
  • A greenhouse gas emissions permit may cover one or more installations on the same site operated by the same operator.
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