"l'ensemble du sujet" en anglais

Comment dire "l'ensemble du sujet" en anglais, la traduction "l'ensemble du sujet" en anglais :

L'ensemble du sujet

The whole topic

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  • The US Food and Drug Administration is topic leader for mycoplasma testing, AHI is topic leader for formaldehyde and moisture testing, with FEDESA acting as topic leader for extraneous agents.
  • To create a new topic, choose FileNew topic in the Bookmark window. A new topic is created, you can now enter the name of the topic. The topics will appear as submenus in the Bookmarks menu.
  • Now, with the topic There's a whole range of topics you can choose, but you should choose wisely, because your topic strongly correlates with how users will react to your talk.
  • The topic proposed by the delegation of Denmark for our discussion today is directly relevant to the activities of the Security Council and the United Nations as a whole.
  • Part of the problem with this topic is the whole issue of jargon, and our question perhaps falls into that trap by talking about flat rate Internet access.
  • We feel that the whole topic brings out the gaping lack of method in roadbuilding still prevalent in some EEC countries, especially in Portugal.
  • 4.3.5 A different topic, not to be confused with the choice of law to govern the succession as a whole, is Agreements as to succession .
  • Let me also thank my fellow Members Mr Dimitri Tsatsos, whose report many years ago laid the foundations for this whole topic
  • This campaign consists of posters on the topic of discrimination that provide an impetus to think about the topic.
  • For the first time this topic came before the classical green topic of environmental politics in the program.
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