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L'attention des peuples

Peoples attention

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  • 1. The attention of the Preparatory Committee is drawn to the attached contribution by the Asian Indigenous peoples Pact, an umbrella organization for indigenous peoples in the region, which organized the Asian Conference on the Rights of Indigenous Tribal peoples in Chiang Mai, Thailand, from 18 to 23 May 1993.
  • Calling attention to the individual rights orientation of existing international human rights instruments, and in order to be consistent with the communal and collective nature of indigenous peoples, the distinct collective and individual rights of indigenous peoples must be recognized and respected,
  • He also drew attention to the World Conference on Human Rights, which will be addressing the issue of indigenous peoples apos concerns, both because 1993 is the International Year of the World apos s Indigenous peoples and because this is a matter of major importance.
  • The struggle of indigenous peoples is an ancient one, and the International Year of the World apos s Indigenous peoples offers an opportunity for the indigenous peoples of the world to bring their concerns to the attention of the international community.
  • b Give special attention to the evolution of standards concerning the rights of indigenous peoples, taking account of both the similarities and the differences in the situations and aspirations of indigenous peoples throughout the world.
  • The Forum recommends that States pay special attention to the situation of uncontacted indigenous peoples, peoples in voluntary isolation, and peoples in isolated and remote localities and displaced peoples from indigenous communities.
  • He stated that the Working Group on Indigenous Populations and the Permanent Forum have played a critical role in bringing indigenous peoples' issues to the attention of international financial institutions.
  • With regard to the attention accorded by State to indigenous peoples, it is important to mention the indicators that help establish the precise distribution and location of the indigenous population.
  • However, the Territories and peoples that remain under colonial rule demand our active and sustained attention and render premature any conclusion that the decolonization process has been completed.
  • It should be noted that in all these respects the rural population, girls and indigenous peoples deserve special attention and greater efforts because their situation is particularly acute.
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